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Fit Note guidance update

on Friday, 04 May 2018.

Fit Note guidance update

The Fit Note guidance has been updated to reflect the closure of the Fit for Work Assessment service in England and Wales.

Doctors issue fit notes to provide evidence of the advice employees have been given about their fitness for work. They record details of the functional effects of their patient’s condition so the patient and their employer can consider ways to help them return to work.

The Fit for Work assessments service, which provided occupational health assessments for employees at risk of long-term sickness absence, in England and Wales ended on 31 March 2018.

In Scotland, the assessment service will run until 31 May 2018. However, no further referrals will be taken. If an employee has already been referred for a Fit for Work assessment they will receive the full three month support of the service to conclusion.

Although the assessment service has closed, employers, employees and GPs will continue to be able to use the Fit for Work advice helpline, website and web chat, which offer general health and work advice as well as support on sickness absence.

The Fit for Work guidance has also been updated to reflect this change.