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Tech fund launched to support disabled employees

on Friday, 04 May 2018.

Tech fund launched to support disabled employees

The government has announced a new Tech Fund as part of the Access to Work scheme, offering employers significant savings on the cost of assistive technology.

Access to Work provides financial support to ensure someone’s disability or health condition does not inhibit their work. The scheme can cover assistive technology, workplace adaptations, transport and interpreters.
Previously, medium and large employers were required to pay a mandatory contribution towards the cost of the assistive technology required by disabled employees. However, this cost will now be waived for all employers under the Tech Fund.

The Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Sarah Newton, said: “Access to Work is providing support to disabled people across the country, and I hope that through the new Tech Fund more disabled people and their employers will be able to benefit from advances in assistive technology that can help create more inclusive workplaces.”

The Tech Fund will see employers saving a significant amount. Before it was introduced, medium-sized employers paid the first £500 towards technological solutions and large employers contributed the first £1,000. Both had to pay 20 per cent of the cost thereafter up to £10,000. These costs will now be waived.

This latest support follows on from last month’s announcement that the annual cap on Access to Work grants will increase by £15,000. Going forward, it will be set at double average earnings and up-rated each year on this basis.