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Two-thirds of UK employees believe they are underpaid

on Thursday, 02 August 2018.

Two-thirds of UK employees believe they are underpaid

More than 65 per cent of UK employees believe they are underpaid, according to findings from job board, CV-Library.

The survey of 1,200 workers asked whether they felt they weren’t being paid enough. This sentiment was felt across the country, particularly in Scotland and the North. The top three cities where workers felt that they weren’t being paid enough was Aberdeen (93.8 per cent), Edinburgh (75.9 per cent) and Newcastle (71.4 per cent).

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, commented: “We often hear that candidates look for a new job to secure a higher salary, so we wanted to explore how true this sentiment is in the UK, comparing the insights against our own salary data. It certainly confirms that the vast majority of workers believe that they’re underpaid and it’s clear that this feeling is more apparent in the North.”

CV-Library’s own salary data compared the average pay within each UK city with the UK’s average salary. Despite people in Aberdeen feeling that they are underpaid, compared with the average salary of £33,200, those in Aberdeen are actually overpaid by 12 per cent at £37,325.

However, in Edinburgh employees are underpaid by three per cent at £32,147 compared with the UK average, and staff in Newcastle are underpaid by 10 per cent at £29,847.

“London continues to offer the highest salaries, though living costs in the capital should be taken into account as these can impact take home pay massively. What’s more, the fact that the cost of living in Aberdeen is considerably lower and average pay only falls behind London by £990, suggests that those looking to earn more could consider a move to North-East Scotland,” said Biggins